Dropcash News

Thursday, September 09, 2004

MovableType Dropcash Plugins

David Rayners wrote a MovableType Dropcash plugin and then held it for ransom through Dropcash until he raised $30. Though his PayPal account is new, and he couldn't accept the payments to reflect on his Dropcash page, he released his plugin as soon as he hit $30.

Chad Everett did something similar with a feature for his MT-Notifier plugin.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Dropcash XML Parser

This is cool: a simple PHP parser for Dropcash's XML feed. Dropcash Parser written by Matt Warren lets you display your Dropcash campaigns in any manner you wish.

Also, and I bet this wasn't obvious to people, but you can set up your own Dropcash page by copying the <form> tags and placing them on your own site. Keep the IPN information in-tact and PayPal will continue to ping the correct server. Change the "thank you" page variable to your own page and now nobody will even know you are running a Dropcash campaign.